Developed throughout 2017 and launched at Easter 2018, Blue Slipper is the softest blue cheese we've ever made. Named after the famous gault clay that lines the shores across our beautiful island, the texture of the cheese opens up and spills out when cut in to. 


There are no blue veins in this cheese with the flavour milder, and milkier than that of the Isle of Wight Blue. The roquefort tones balance perfectly with the residual sweetness.


Sold at 3 weeks of age. There are only 250 of these cheeses made each week on the farm and they are all shared among our retailers, stockists, hotels and restaurants on the Isle of Wight.


Blue Slipper is very soft and runny so if you are returning it to the fridge, take care to make sure it is sealed properly to prevent any leakages from the packaging. The colder temperatures will also hold the texture together a little if desired.