Borthwood was born out of a desire to produce a spreadable, white rinded cheese that was soft at an early age. The cheese has the typical white bloomy rind and the residual sugars help create a subtle and creamy texture with mushroomy undertones. Incredibly versatile, we feel this cheese is best just eaten on its own to fully experience it's delicate levels of flavour.


The cheese takes its name from the stunning Borthwood Copse which is a stone's throw away from us here at Queen Bower Dairy.


Borthwood will benefit from being at room temperature for the flavours to emerge fully. It is always advisable to only remove from the fridge the quantity that you think you will eat. Be careful of the runniness of Borthwood. When ripe it will spill out of the cheese. If placing back in the fridge be sure to seal the cheese properly keeping air off all of the surfaces.