We are based on the farm at Queenbower Dairy, near Apse Heath.

We have 52 cows in our herd and we use as much of our own milk as we can to make the cheese. When we are short, our friends at Briddlesford Farm are able to supply us and with that blend we are able to make the pasteurised Isle of Wight Blue, Isle of Wight Soft, Blue Slipper and Borthwood cheeses.

Gallybagger, Gallybagger Mature and Old Gaffer Blue are made entirely from the raw milk from our dairy here at Queenbower. 
Sourcing milk from the Island gives us a much fresher raw ingredient. Buying milk from the local farms also helps support the dairy industry here on the Island.  For more information about our dairy and the Guernsey herd at Briddlesford